February 2013 News

Our February 2013 Newsletter is now available on our Newsletters page.


We had great fun on Pancake Tuesday, with teachers and pupils joining in the cooking and eating.  We’ve also been to visit Brigdale’s Farm.  We’ve put photos on our Events Page. Click here to see the Pancake Tuesday Photos and here to see the farm visit.  We’ve also had a report from some of our gardeners, including some great photos.

6th class recently played a number of basketball matches and did us proud.

Thank you to Stuart Hadden who visited recently to give 5th & 6th classes a talk on Internet Safety.  Stuart’s advice has raised awareness on some key personal safety issues.

This years Realtóg competition will take place (through Irish) on Friday March 15th.  Best of luck to all our competitors who will perform a song, poem, rap etc in Irish, or perform Irish dancing. X-factor as gaeilge Knockanean style!

Help My Kids Learn is a website that provides you with lots of simple ideas to help kids learn. It mixes old with new, from card games to hopscotch, e-books to apps.

Ever wondered why Maths is important? Let Canadian Astronaut Chris Hadfield – who is currently on board the International Space Station –  explain to you why you should pay attention in maths class :

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