Engineer’s Week 2015

On Feb 10th two men from Intel in Shannon named Robin and Pat came into 4th and 5th class to talk about engineering. They talked to us about electronics and things like how your phone works and that there is a chip inside it to tell all the stuff it goes through. It first goes to an electric tower and it then goes to an office then it goes through the electric wires and then it goes to another office where then it will be transported to the other persons phone. We also made rockets out of bottles and they had to have an engine, a place to store fuel and then we decorated them with colourful pieces of paper. They also told us what it is like to work in Intel. Then finally they told us how the computer chips are made and that you have to go through a lots of doors and into a room where they spray you with special stuff to make you all clean and they also have to wear this special suit called the bunny suit and it was great fun and we all had a good time!

By Joseph Keane and Laura Casey.

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