Intel Mini Scientist 2014

Intel Regional Final in Shannon

Eabha Warner and Emma Higgins represented the school with their project “The Barrage in Clarecastle” in the regional finals in Intel, Shannon. on December 12th. We set up our projects and the judges came around to look at them. During their breaks some of the workers in Intel also came to look at the projects. There were a total of 24 projects there on the day. We got to see how a 3D printer worked – which was really cool!! Everybody that took part got a calculator ruler & a goody bag with lots of sweets! It was a really enjoyable day and a great experience

By Eabha Warner and Emma Higgins

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School Mini Scientist Entries

On the second week of school Mr.Curran had told us about a science exhibition that would take place in the school on the 23rd of October. We all split into groups of four of less. We then decided what project we would do and started to experiment. We typed out booklets for the judges to read and to help them understand our projects a bit more. We made power points to go along with the rest of our presentation. When the five weeks were up we had a practice round with the teachers to make sure we had everything ready. All the other classes in the school came to see our projects on this day also. Then finally after a long wait the day came, everybody in fourth class, fifth class and sixth class set up their projects. Every group had a table each. The judges arrived at the school at 2 o’clock. They came around to all the projects and asked us questions. At 4 o’clock we all gathered outside to hear the judges announce the winner. In second place was the “Coin Laundrette” by Ellen Doyle, Ciara Mulligan and Róisín Cahill and the overall winner was “The Barrage in Clarecastle” by Éabha Warner and Emma Higgins. The winners will now go on to represent the school in the regional finals in Intel, Shannon in December. We all had a great day and learned loads from our projects.
By Sinéad Carey, Rachel Tarrant, Emily Murphy

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