Intel Mini Scientist 2015

Intel Mini Scientist Regional Final 2015

On Dec 8th Sam, Conor and Thomas went to Intel in Shannon. The standard was very high. We think we did very well. We saw   some amazing projects like how to make a steam engine and a phone charger on a bike. Intel showed us some very cool inventions like playing Mario with two apples and a banana, there was a touch screen computer and a device that could tell you what the finished product in a box of Lego would look like. We had a really nice day, got some lovely food and Ms Horgan brought us to the shop on the way home!!

By  Sam Prendeville, Thomas Barry, Conor Hurley.

October 2015: We did the Intel Mini Scientist project. It was interesting, fun and exciting to take part and do all the projects. We worked in groups of 2 , 3 and 4 to complete the projects. We set up our projects on Wednesday and all the classes came to see them. Then on Thursday about 10 judges from Intel in Shannon came to judge and see the projects. They were very impressed with what they saw!! They had a really hard decision to make. Eventually after much discussion they decided on two winners . In second place was “The Water Wheel” by Caitríona  Warner ,Elin Blake and Caitlín Hogan. In first place was “Germ Shield” by Sam Prendeville, Thomas Barry and Conor Hurley. The winners will now go onto the regional finals in Intel Shannon on Dec 9th.

By  Sam Prendeville, Thomas Barry, Conor Hurley,Caitríona  Warner ,Elin Blake and Caitlín Hogan.

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