RDS Primary Science Fair 2017

On Jan 19th, 5th class went to Mary Imaculate College in Limerick to display their project “Is the Burren a Biodiverse area? “ When we arrived we set up our project at a designated stall. A rota was set up so that there would be pupils at the stall at all times to explain our project to anybody who came to look at it.The rest of the class could then go to look at other projects or shows. These shows explained stuff like how hot air balloons worked, how you could see your bones and lots of other interesting things. There were also about 10 judges going around to see all the projects. There were also lots of newspaper photographers going around to each project. The Mayor of Limerick also spoke to all there. There was a shop there and the hot chocolate was great!!

By Ian Williams and Ailbhe Wright

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