Trip of A Lifetime

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On Friday the 11th of January, Fergus and Kay Quinlan came into our school to talk to 4th, 5th and 6th class about their trip around the world.

They made their own sailing boat called Pylades, which they built themselves .It took them three years, which involved six thousand hours to build.  Then finally in 2009, after all their work, Kay and Fergus began their three year journey.

Throughout their time in the water they came across fascinating animals including dolphins. They also swam with sharks and sting rays in the south pacific Islands and came across many different types of fish. Aside from animals they met many inspiring people including the youngest person ever to sail around the world. Her name was Laura Decker and was only sixteen when she completed her dream.

Then as they were leaving Australia they heard devastating news that their friends were captured by pirates and killed. So because of this, they had to add 7000 miles onto their journey and take a different route. They arrived back in Ireland in 2012.

We are very grateful to Kay and Fergus for coming in and talking to us about their inspiring trip.

by Ciara, Edel, and Jack

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