Road Safety Talk May 2014

RSA Road Safety Talk: On Wednesday 30th April a girl called Lauren came in and taught us about Road Safety. She taught us about the importance of wearing a seat belt and also showed us videos that could happen if we don’t. She also told us not to go on mobile phones while driving or we would get a fine of €1,000. Last weekend they caught 300 people on their mobile phones in the car before 4 o’clock. She also said to have bike lights and to wear a high visibility jacket. She also said to look around you before you cross the road. You also have to be over 150 cm to not have a booster seat. You also have to encourage people in your car to wear a seat belt. Also the weight to not have a booster seat is 5 stone and 11 pounds.

By Sinead O’Connor, Grace Kennedy, Ella Bohannon and Caoilainn McNamara.

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