School Tours 2014

Junior Infant Tour

We went to the Eco Farm in Clarecastle. There was a forest there. In the forest there was letters. We had to find the letters on the trees. Some of the letters spelled “Farmer”. We saw a bunny rabbit. We saw ducks, horses, and chickens. We got a ride on the horse called “Toffy” We saw one rabbit in the forest. After the farm we went to the playground. There was a big tower there but we weren’t allowed on it. There was also a pirate ship there and we got turns on the zip wire.

By Oscar O Gara and Tom O Halloran


Senior Infant Tour

We went to Moher Hill Farm. We saw an alpaca, black potbellied pigs, an emu, an ostrich, ponies, miniature ponies, a little foal, sheep, racoons, and chipmunks. We got to hold a rabbit and a guinea pig. We got to feed a baby llama out of a baby bottle. His name was April. We also saw a reindeer and his name was Rudolf. There were two playgrounds there and we got to play on a bouncy castle. We had a lot of fun on the bus. We got to stop at Lahinch for a fruit break and we got to play there. We had a really good day!!

By Grace Herbert, Leah Harte and Ella Farrell


First Class Tour

We went to Corofin farm. We rounded up sheep. We milked a cow. We made butter. We fed loads of animals like kittens, a bunny, goats, donkeys, pigs. We played in the park and some boys helped the farmer hunt the milking cow into a field. We also went for a walk around the farm and saw a wild horse. We had a big race .All the girls fed a wild horse. We went to an area that kings used to live in and now only fairies live there. We looked at a garden with lots of plants in it. We made sunflowers with soil and we got to bring them home.

By Charlie Hannon and Aaisha O Doherty

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Second Class Tour

On June 12th, we went on our school tour. We arrived at Bunratty Folk Park at 10 o’ clock. We first went to the castle. They showed us around and told us about the history of the place. It was built 600 years ago. All the furniture was big and the doors were small. To get the furniture in they had to take it apart and build it in the room. There was a long and swirly staircase in the castle. We then went to an old fisherman’s cottage and walked through the village.  We also went into a rich house and saw a woman called Anne making scones. After the castle we went to the circus. We saw a clown, people juggling fire, tight rope walking. Some people even cycled across the tight rope! The clown managed to put a ginormous bubble around a girl. After the circus we went to Newmarket Park where we went on zip wires, tyre swings, see – saws and a huge swing that could carry lots of people. We had a really good day and the weather was very hot.

By Astrid Penston, Caoimhe Lahiffe and Eoin Begley

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Third Class Tour

On the 19th of June, we went on our school tour to Lahinch. First we went to the pool and there was an obstacle course through the pool called The Eliminator. There were also two zorbe balls to go around the pool in. Next we learned about John P. Holland. After that we went on a sea shore walk and went fishing in the rock pools. We had a picnic on the beach. We had a great day.

By Isabella Crowley & Amy O’Sullivan


Fourth Class Tour

On the 13th of June, 4th class went on their school tour to Kilfinane Outdoor Education Centre. When we got there the class was split into two groups. First of all we went and tried out the climbing wall which was tough but great fun. Next we went down into the garden and we had a go at doing the archery in groups of four. After that we did some games that were lots of fun for everyone. Sometime later we got into wetsuits and put on life jackets and helmets and got onto a bus which drove us down to the river. When we got to the river we had to walk down a small lane which brought us to the river. When we got into the river it was freezing cold but after we dipped are heads into a small waterfall we got much warmer. We also got to jump off a bigger waterfall into a plunge pool that was quite deep. After we went back we had showers and then did some orienteering which was also great .We had an excellent day!!

By Mary O Callaghan and Ellen Doyle.

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Fifth Class Tour

On July 12th we went to Killaloe Adventure Centre. Before we started doing any activities we had to talk about them. We did kayaking, canoeing and sailing. We also got to capsize the boats. We then did an obstacle course out in the forest. This was based on team work and we had different challenges to complete, like building a bridge, going through the forest blindfolded, going through a spider web without touching any of the holes. There was also a very high wall challenge. There was also balancing beams and balancing ropes. There was a really good tyre challenge. We had a fantastic day and the weather was really hot and sunny.

By Sophie Roughan, Eunan Gavin and Rachel Tarrant.

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Sixth Class Tour

Inis Óirr: We left the school at 12 o’clock and headed for Doolin to catch the boat for Inis Oirr. We got to Inis Oirr after 45 minutes on the boat. John told us the rules and we went straight to the hostel. The boys were in rooms of 6 upstairs and the girls were downstairs. We put our bags in our rooms and went straight to the shop. We later went to the playground and had lots of fun. At 4 o’ clock, we arrived at the beach. The water was freezing cold which gave you a shock and a brain freeze once you put your head in. We were all numb when we came out. Then John fed us with a fry up of lovely sausages even nicer chips and delicious rashers. Then we went to the Céilí. We had lots of craic!!! We then went for a midnight walk across the  astonishing island. John did this on purpose to tire us out: /. Then we all went to bed and had a very relaxing sleep. We woke up had some breakfast, and set off on the wonderly wagon. It was amazing!!! We then ate at a pub called Tigh Rory’s. Then we went to the beach for the last time and then went on the boat back to Doolin. We had a great time………..


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