School Tours 2015

Senior Infants went to Moher Hill Farm:

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First Class Tour: On our school tour we went to Turoe pet farm. When we arrived we had our lunch. Then we headed to the play area and we went on loads of swings and slides. After that we went to see loads of animals such as birds, lambs, cows, goats, alpacas, donkeys, pigs and a crocodile. We went to inflatable city which has the biggest bouncy castle in Europe. Then it was time to head home. We had a great day.

By: Ciara O’Sullivan and Anna Lane

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Second Class Tour: First of all we went to Bunratty Castle. We had a tour around the castle. We then headed to Bunratty Folk Park where we enjoyed our lunch. After that we went to Shannon airport and saw a rescue helicopter. Inside the helicopter we saw a stretcher different types of medicine and different machines. They then showed us how they rescue people from mountains and the sea. Then we headed over to the fire and rescue. While we were there they demonstrated how to put out a fire and how to rescue people from a fire. After a great day we headed back to the school.
By: Owen Hadden and EsmaCreaven.

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3rd Class Tour: First we climbed Mullaghmore. It took us 3 hours to climb it. The best part was getting to the top and seeing mountain goats. It was very rocky and steep going down. We hopped on to the bus and went to leisure centre. We went bowling and it was great fun. Then the boys went to quasar and the girls went to play in the play area. We then switched around. It was very dark and fun. We got to pick our teams. Thanks Amy and Saoirse for the tour

by Aoibhín O Callaghan and Jane Quinn


Fourth Class School Tour:
First we went to Coole Park. Margaret and Aine were our tour guides. We
watched a video of Anna and Catherine Gregory, who were children who lived in Coole house . We went upstairs to their nursery and played “hunt the
thimble” . After that we went outside and we had to find leaves of
different type of trees. We had lunch in the “Walled Garden” and played
games for half an hour, then we got on the bus and headed for City Limits
in Oranmore.

First at city limits we did quasar. We had to wear a pack that charged the
gun. Each pack had a colour so when you were in the dark you could see who
was on your team. After we had finished quasar, it turned out the yellow
team won! After that we did inflatables there was slides and obstacle
courses. Ms.Kirby went down the slide and she raced Caoilainn on the
obstacle course! Then the whole class did bowling and it was great fun!
Then we had a meal in the Jungle Restaurant it was delicious. It was
Laura’s birthday so we had buns and we sang happy birthday! Then we played
the games in the arcade, we had €5 on a card which we swiped on the games.

We had a brilliant day! Thank you Ms. Kirby.

By Isabella Crowley and Laura Butler

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Fifth Class Tour: On the 11th of June 5th class went on their school tour to Killaloe UL sports adventure centre. When we arrived we were shown around and were told the rules. The first activity we did was high ropes. We were all split into groups and each group climbed a different high rope. After the climbing we went and did team challenges in the woods. We also did archery in the woods. Then it was time to do the water sports. We did kayaking and canoeing in the lake .It was really fun. Afterwards everybody got to jump off the pier. It was a really great school tour.

By Aine Barry and Ciara Mc Namara.

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Sixth Class Tour: On the 11th of June 6th class went to InisOirr for a night. We all drove to Liscannor and we all went on the boat and when we arrived at InisOirr we put our bags in the hostel. Then we had a choice to either go to the playground, pitch, beach or the shop. We had a few hours on the island to ourselves. Then we ate at four and a couple more hours to ourselves again. Then we all went to Ceili. We danced for 2 hours and went on our midnight walk to the lighthouse .We weren’t allowed flashlights and we went past the castle -that was the scariest thing. By the time we were back it was 1:30am and most of us didn’t go to sleep at all. Dont forget the Aran Fudge!!

Thank You John, Aileen, Mr Mac, Mr Curran, Mary, Murty and Sean

By Sophie Roughan and Chloe Lane.

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