Colette’s Retirement

November 2015

Last Friday Mrs Colleran retired. It was a very emotional day. We had a lovely ceremony for her. She got a couple of presents. The school sang a special song that Saoirse wrote for her. Madge recited a beautiful poem written by Mr.Mc. We also performed a flash mob and our green version of the Macarena. We also had to write what we thought retirement was and Mr Curran read them out. Mrs. Colleran said a few words.  Mrs.  Colleran put a lot of work into the green schools and the student council. As a complete surprise we all got ice cream to celebrate her next chapter in her life. She was a great teacher and changed the lives of many pupils. We wish her all the best on her retirement.

By Roisin Cahill Sinead O’Connor Anna Cosgrove Oriana O Shea

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