ECubers Event 2016

On Thursday 23rd of June 5th class went to UL to take part in  ECubers . We had to be into school at quarter to 9. When we got there we got a small tour around UL.We were brought into a room where we were thought about engineering .We were then put into groups of 2 and each group made a Lego Technic model . When we were done we had a race to see whose model would get it into a small square taped into the ground . When we finished in there were brought to eat our lunch on a few benches. After our lunch we were brought to see more advanced Lego models -one of them was a Rubiks Cube solver and a huge truck.Our favourite thing was seeing the Rubiks cube solver solve a Rubiks Cube by itself.. We had a great time!

By Patrick Brogan and Ronan Tarrant.

Link to article in the Irish Examiner:

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