Learning about Aviation

Visit of Enda O Gara and Vivienne O Halloran:

On the 24th of November, Vivienne O’Halloran and Enda O Gara visited 1st and 2nd class.Vivienne is  an air hostess and Enda is a air traffic controller. Vivienne’s job was to check that there was enough food on the plane, that the plane was clean and that the passengers and bags were in the correct place to balance the plane. Vivienne told us that 300 people can fit in a big plane,200 can fit in a medium plane and 42 can fit in a small plane.The biggest plane in the world is called the Antonov.Buster is a dog who travels to and from England with a blind man.Vivienne’s longest flight yet was 11 hours.Enda works in the Irish Aviation Authority. They are in charge of all the aircraft in Ireland. Enda said the biggest problem with the gliders was the weather. The captain of the plane always sits on the left. All planes have a name. The Aer Lingus planes are named after Irish Saints.The bigger planes always fly higher than the smaller planes. They have to dump fuel if they are doing an emergency landing so that the plane is lighter and it will come down easier.Amelia Earhart was the first woman to fly across the Atlantic.Everything in the Oceanic Airspace has to get a clearance from Enda’s company. We’d like to  thank our teachers for organising it.

By Lucas Quinn,Lily Hegarty and Grace Prendeville.

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