Mullaghmore 2015

On Friday morning the 2nd October our class set off for Mullaghmór. We left the school at 11:30. The girls and boys got a bus each. We arrived at around 12:00 and had a lovely slice of lemon drizzle each. It took us about one hour to climb the mountain. We had our lunch on the top and took some pictures. From the top you can see Father Teds house. We then made our way down. We expected that our bus would have arrived but we had to wait a full hour before it came. For that hour we played 52 bonkers, tag and some other games . When our bus came we went to Bofey Quinns for delicious pizza and chips. We arrived back at the school at around 5:30. We had a great day!!

By Mary O’ Callaghan , Ellen Doyle , Anna Cosgrove and Sinéad O’Connor 

Photos to follow..