Proclamation Day 1916

On Tuesday March 16th it was Schools Proclamation Day. This is the day that all schools are invited to celebrate the 1916 Easter Rising and especially the proclamation itself. For this day all the classes had worked hard to learn about history of the Easter Rising. Sixth class to celebrate this day wrote their own proclamation for the next one hundred years. Third class made a play about the children of the rising and forth class did a play about the leaders of the Rising that was told through Irish. On the day some children read parts from the proclamation and sang The Foggy Dew. The day was a great way to remember The Easter 1916 Rising.

By Gary Lane and Dylan Collins

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School’s Proclamation Day: Tuesday March 16th is Proclamation Day. This is the day that every school in the country is invited to share the results of their “Proclamation for a New Generation” To mark the day we are holding a celebration of ‘Irishness’ event which will involve music, dance, reading of our own proclamation which has been written by 6th class and culminating in the raising of the Irish flag by the youngest pupil in the school Nathan Dixon and the oldest pupil in the school Luke Harding.


Proclamation Day Projects: Over the past number of months the senior classes in particular have been involved in a number of projects to mark the 1916 Rising , using the medium of the arts, drama, music and film, as well as story. Some of these projects include-


  • The Proclamation: The children in 6th class have rewritten their own version of the Proclamation, expressing their hopes and aspirations for Ireland in this new generation. It is based on the 1916 Proclamation. This has been done in every Primary School in Ireland, and will be read out on Proclamation day, March 15th.


  • Music: The children in 5th class have composed a piece of music: ‘A Soundscape of Easter Monday 1916’.


  • Artist in Residence Project: Both 5th and 6th are currently making an animated film, based on a story they have jointly written, storyboarded, and commenced filming. This has been exciting and demanding but so worthwhile.


  • Drama: The children in 4th class have been working on a drama – ‘EiríAmach 1916’ about the Rising. The pupils in Amy / Saoirse’s 3rd class have prepared a drama based on “The Children of the Rising”


  • “The Foggy Dew” is up and running, and has been a major hit with the kids this year. An analysis of the words of this song is a very interesting way of getting the children`s feeling for the events of Easter Week 1916.

Declan O’Rourke Visits Knockanean

There was great excitement in our school on Wednesday March 16th as Declan O’ Rourke dropped into the school and performed his song ‘The Children of ’16’.   He spent some time with Third Class who performed their drama  based on “The Children of the Rising” which included a rendition of his song.

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