School Tours 2016

Junior Infant tour: We went to Kinvara Fairy Farm on our school tour. Lots of classes came to cheer us off on our tour. There was a fairy forest there with fairy doors on the trees. There was also a fairy well. There was also a place where the Tooth fairy writes down the names of the people who lost a tooth.There was a wooden see saw there as well. We saw lots of animals such as goats,pigs guinea pigs and rabbits.We got hold a little fluffy baby guinea pig. At the end there was a massive slide we got to go on. We had a really good day.  By Olivia Prenderville and Orla Blake

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Senior Infant Tour

We went to Moherhill Farm on our school tour. We went to a big shed and left our bags there . We got our bag of food to feed the animals. We all went to feed the sheep and after that we fed the goats and the pigs. Our favourite animals were the Chipmunks and Ostrich . After we fed the animals we had our lunch . After we ate our food we went to the play area.We got split into groups some groups played on the bouncy castle some played in the ball pool and the others played in the playground and the sand . After the play area we went on go karts . Our favourite part of our tour was holding the bunny and the ostrich egg. We had a great school tour!

By George Leahy and Ciara Brooks.

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1st class tour: On May 17th 1st class went to the Atlantic Aquarium in Salthill Galway.The biggest fish in the entire aquarium was Valentine the gigantic ray who was born 12 years ago on St.Valentine’s Day!! We got to rub sharks and smaller rays while they were swimming. Some of them were really slippery. One ray felt kinda like sandpaper.We also saw gigantic crabs, lobsters,sea urchins and clown fish. We also did experiments. We made rockets, slime, volcano and we also put a balloon on a bottle and acid made the balloon blow up.  After the aquarium we went to Coole Park for lunch and we got some treats there. Afterwards we played and got to run around. We then came home. It was one of the best school tours!

By Aoibhinn Moore and Lucy Norton

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2nd Class Tour: We went to Bunratty castle on  our school tour. The castle is over 600 years  old. First the Mc Namara’s owned the castle and then the O’Briens attached it and took it over. There are lots of spy holes in the castle so the guests cannot say anything bad about the king. You’re also not allowed to look the king in the eyes , you have to look at his feet or over his head. After the castle we went into the folk park. We went into the farm house. Here the kids had to sleep upstairs, but there was no stairs so the kids had to go up a ladder. We saw the blacksmith’s shed,the old school. Here the girls were in one class and the boys were in another. We then sat in the tea rooms and had our lunch. We had a great day!!

By Sophie Leahy and Anna Lane


3rd Class Tour: We went to Mullaghmore on our tour. We saw the Burren , lots of flowers and wildlife, We also saw Father Ted’s house. It was big and full of rabbits. We had our lunch on top of Mullaghmore. Afterwards we went to The Planet in Ennis. Here we played bowling, Quasar and we also spent time in the soft play area. Afterwards we went home. We had a really good day  but the mountain was hard though!

By Lauren Quinn and Fiadh O Shea

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4th Class tour: We went to Galway museum on our tour. We found out lots of interesting stuff about artifacts. There was a special floor dedicated to 1916. The top floor was used to generate electricity. There was also a submarine on this floor and you could go inside. Afterwards we went to Pure Skills. We each got a card so we could keep our score. The highest score gets a voucher to come back to pure skills. The we had food! We had Dominos pizza, goujons and wedges. On the way home we kept asking the teacher to go to the beach, but it was too late. When we came home we all thanked the teacher. We told our parents all about it and we were very happy!!

By Natasha Crotty and Ailbhe Wright


Fifth Class Tour

On June 20th 5th class went to UL adventure centre. We had to pick out our wetsuits and we got put into groups.Some groups did kayaking and canoeing and others did windsurfing  and Stand up Paddling. Everybody got to do every activity. We got a half hour at each activity. Just before lunch we got to jump off the pier!  We then had a break and lunch. After lunch we did rock climbing, treasure hunts, high ropes and an obstacle course. We left at 3pm and had a really great time!

By Patrick Brogan and Ronan Tarrant

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Sixth Class Tour

Inis Oirr: This year 6th class went on our school tour to Doolin and Inis Oirr. We stayed two nights, one night camping in Doolin and the other night in a hostel in Inis Oirr.

We went swimming and dancing at the ceilí. We had a great time and hope to go there again. Thanks to John for organising it and to all the teachers and parents who helped out.

By Lucy Scullion, Grace Kennedy, Chloe Hogan