School Tours 2017

1st class school tour: On Monday 21st of May 1st class went to the Aquarium in Galway. We were very excited leaving the school and everybody was cheering.We saw lots of fish, crabs, sharks,flatfish ,starfish , John Dory and many more. We got to cut a squid in half. We got to feed and rub fish. They felt really hard and slimy. On the way back we stopped in Coole Park in Gort. We got to make bases and play soccer. When we got back to school we got caprisuns,penguin bars and crips. We had a great day! By Patrick and Aoife.

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2nd Class tour: On Thurs 25th of May we went to Bunratty Castle. When we got there we walked to the castle, and looked at the different rooms. I was really big and old. We went up the stairs and they were very dangerous. After the castle we went around the village to see the different cottages. We went into the school there and the teacher was telling us how  to say words in different languages, like Spanish, French and German. We then had our lunch. And then we had another walk around the village because we didn’t get to explore it properly before lunch. After that we went to the Fairy Village. We then had lunch again!  After our second lunch we went to the playground and then we came home. We had a really good day and we were tired after it! By Amy Reynolds and Sean O’Callaghan.


3rd Class Tour: On Wed May 24th we went to the Burren.The first thing we did was to climb Mullaghmore. We had a guide with us.  This was very interesting because we saw lots of flowers and limestone. We saw lots of slugs. There one was called the European Black slug. We also saw frogs.Our guide told us that in 3 million years there will be no rocks in the Burren- only a hill of grass. He also said there was a lot of sink holes there  that are very dangerous. The climb was a bit tiring though.. When we got to the top if it we ate our lunch.  At the very top there is a tomb.  From the top of Mullaghmore we saw Father Ted’s house. After Mullaghmore we went to the Planet in Ennis. We did bowling, quasar and  soft play. By Liam and Ella.


Croagh Patrick: On Thursday the 25th of May sixth class climbed Croagh Patrick. We left Liddy’s Gala at 6:15 and we arrived in Mayo at 9:00 and we started climbing 9:30. Nearly everyone made it to the top with help from parents and teachers. While we were at the top we took pictures , had a snack and went to the church to light candles. Everyone was on there way down the mountain at 12:!5. Once we were all down we went for our dinner in Cambellsrestaurant . We stayed there for roughly 3 hours . We all headed for the bus at 5 o clock. On our way home we stopped in Ballindine for a treat. We were back at home at 9:00. A big thanks to John, Mary and Mr Curran for a great day and lots of fun. By Ella and Laura.


5th Class tour: On Tuesday the 30th of May 5th class went on their school tour to Killaloe Adventure Center on the lake of Lough Derg.We left the school at 8:40 that morning and arrived in killaloe at 9;30 . we were then divided into two groups. One group did the climbing wall and another did orienteering . After that the two groups switched activities . We then did archery where there were 2 groups and the played each other. Then we had a 40 minute break we then got into our wetsuits and headed for the water . We did canoeing wind surfing kayaking sailing then we finished of the day with jumping of the peer . it was a great day and every one thoroughly enjoyed themselves.  By Paddy, Eoin, Thomas and Crevan.

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InisOirr: On Wednesday the 14th of June 6th class went to Doolin on their school tour.On the first night we went camping in Naglescampsite.Sleeping in tents was great craic. All the boys were put in the same tent . The campsite was great because it had a games room and a playground which we had great fun in.The next day we left for InisOirr on the Happy Hooker .It was a very rocky journey but we got there in the end . When we arrived in InisOirr we put our bags in the Bru Hostel which was our accommodation . We were put in our rooms with our friends . The best part about InisOirr was the fact that we were able to do what we liked . On the island there was a GAA pitch,anastro -turf and a playground . At night time we went to the ceili which was great craic. Later that night we went for a midnight walk to the castle and the graveyard which  were both very interesting.On our way back we were greeted by a roaring bonfire . The following morning we went for a swim at the beach.Later that day we went on the Wanderly Wagon where we got a tour of the island in which we saw the plassey and a seal . After that we got chips,sausages and goujons in TighRuari’s . That was the conclusion to our very enjoyable trip to InisOirr . Thanks to Mary ,Seamus , Mhairi and especially JOHN for making the trip possible.

By Ben McDonough , Brendan Keane, Patrick Brogan and Ciaran O’Driscoll .


Senior Infant Tour

On the 20th June, we went to Moher Hill Farm. When we arrived, we ate our snack. Then, we put our bags in the corner so Alan could put them in a pile for us. We went outside to feed the animals. We fed a peacock, Millie the pony, a donkey, Hamlet the pig, an ostrich, a greedy goat. After that, we ate our lunch outside. We went on a bouncing castle and we went into the ball pit. We went to the tree house and went on the Go Karts- 5 at a time. We played at the playground for a little while. Then, we went on the bus and came back to school. Everyone had a super day!

By Sophie O’Connor, Orla Blake, Naya Sorohan and Chloe Cosgrove.

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Junior Infant Tour

On Wednesday June 21st mid summers day ,we went to the Burren Nature Sanctuary . A big bus brought us there. We left our bags in a big Tee Pee. Then, we went for a walk to see all the animals. The llamas were big and furry. The bunny hugged Siara . Then, we visited the fairy forest. The tooth fairy lived by the wishing well. After lunch we  had great fun in the  playground. It was the best day ever.

By Mary’s Junior Infant class

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Fourth class Tour

On the 21st of June, we went on our school tour to Galway Museum and Pure Skills in Salthill. Co. Galway. First we went to the museum, which was very interesting and interactive. We learned about ancient Galway, Galway during the rebellion and about underwater creatures.

At Pure Skills we were in small groups of 4. We got to try many different sports such as baseball, cricket, golf chipping, rugby, basketball, tennis, hurling, gaelic football and soccer. After  two hours of fun and sport, we ate delicious pizza, wedges and chicken. Everyone had a brilliant day!

By Ella Courtney, Éabha O’Driscoll and Ines Sheehan.