Wind Energy Talk

On Mon Oct 10th some men from Moneypoint and Dundalk IT came in to speak to us about wind energy. They set up a mini version of a wind turbine and it was plugged into the wall so it rotated like a real wind turbine. They also  had a mini mini version and when you blew onto the blades it caused a light to light up in a toothpaste container beside it. After they had explained all about windmills we got to make our own wind turbine. We then tested it against others in the class to see which one could lift the most weights. The winning turbine lifted a 170 grammes.The more blades you have on your windmill the stronger it will be against the wind.Afterwards they gave everybody a highlighter!! It was a fun day!!

By Caitríona Warner, Sarah Barron and Elin Blake


Click here to view a short video clip