September 2016

Music Generation:This is the 3rd year of this music programme, which will continue again this year with 4th and 5th classes. This is Ireland`s new national music education programme, initiated by Music Network, and funded by U2 and The Ireland Funds. The aim of this programme is to contribute to the development of a national system of local music education services. By establishing a music education service of international excellence, it is the intention that every child and young person has access to high quality vocal and instrumental music education that is locally provided within a national framework.

The aim of the Escalation Singing Programme is to introduce children to a variety of repertoire which foster listening, composing and performing, while exploring the elements of metre, rhythm and pitch. The emphasis for the year will be to combine the more popular elements of the previous years. There will also be two performances, in November and in May.


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  3. We have qulifed for waltons 2013.

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  5. I did a very big yawn in it so I look really weird:):)

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