Useful Info

Sports Equipment
From 1st class pupils begin to play sports and will require some sports equipment such as hurleys, helmets etc.  Please note that many of these items are available for sale in the school, just call in and ask!
Hurleys……………………….€9 – €12
Car Parking/ Car Pooling
We all know how manic parking can be outside the school in the mornings and afternoon. We encourage parents to car pool and share the drop-offs/collections as much as possible.  The school gates are particularly busy between 9:20am-9:30am so please be patient and keep your eyes open for children at all sides!
As you drive towards the school (particularly at the narrow section of road just before the school) please allow cars driving away from the school to do so before you drive up to the school.  Allowing cars to leave means more space for those yet to arrive.  Above all, BE PATIENT with other drivers!!
Homework Club
Homework Club runs in Knockanean School every Monday to Thursday inclusive from 3.20 to 4.20 p.m.  It takes place in Miss Gavin’s Room. Here children are encouraged to get their homework done and either Tina or Niamh are always on hand to give help. New members are always welcome! Just call into the school for more information.
Websites Recommended by Parents
The following are websites which have been recommended to us by parents at the school.
Testing Maths and Spellings in a fun way:
A little bit of fun:  The Mom Song, the one song every mother should know!!
A great idea for birthday presents:  Oxfam Ireland have set up “Pass the Present” giving your child the opportunity  – thourgh their birthday party – to help children in other countries.  Take a look at
for more information.
Labels for your childs belongings: Labels for clothes, books etc
Family Medical & Health Records: All your information in one place

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