Music Generation

On Thursday night we had our music generation concert. We had been practising with Mary since Christmas every week. There were two other schools there, Barefield N.S.and St. Senan’s from Shannon. We sang some songs with them and then Knockanean third and fourth class sang one song on their own, called I Am But a Small Voice. We sang some African songs and also a song from the musical Grease. All our parents and families came to see the concert. We had a great night and we have learned a lot from our classes every week.  By Ella Bohannon and Ross Keane Keating

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Music Generation: This is a singing programme run in 3rd and 4th class where a tutor came in one day per week since September. We learned many wonderful songs and warm ups to get our voice ready. 3rd and 4th class came together and did a mini concert for junior and senior infants. We then went to the Auburn Lodge hotel on Monday Dec 15th to perform two concerts. 4th class performed at 1 pm with Barefield NS and Quin NS. 3rd class performed at 7pm that evening also with Barefield and Quin schools. We really enjoyed learning and performing the songs. It will continue again after Christmas.

By Ben Mc Donough and Amara Meyer

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