3rd to 6th Class Green Activities

3rd Class – Sowing time

Spring is here and the green fingered children from third class have been busy sowing potatoes and readying the soil. Potatoes have been sown and window boxes prepared and planted. Rhubarb is ready for picking and strawberries are soaking up the sunshine. It’s a lovely time of year to watch the garden coming to life again.

Water, water everywhere!

Third class have been studying the water cycle. Water as we know is becoming a precious commodity all over the world and it is our duty to do what we can to conserve the water we have. The children looked at rainwater harvesting and the importance of water butts to recycle rain water, like we have for our school garden.

4th Class – Climate Change study

Fourth class were involved in a Caps programme this year. The overall goal of the CAPS programme is to build climate action knowledge through creative, critical, and innovative thinking about the causes and effects of climate change. Environmental artist and teacher Evelyn Sorohan gave a number of workshops remotely through zoom. Again the children are learning to take responsibility for their world as their attitudes and actions matter.

5th Class – Biodiversity of the Burren

Fifth class took a close look at the unique landscape of the Burren in County Clare. This gem on our doorstep is the home for a diverse range of plants and animals. The children looked at the spring gentian, mountain avens and bloody cranesbill to the foxes, stoats and goats that have made the Burren their home. With the possibility of movement within our county, we can once again enjoy this precious natural resource.

Sixth class ‘These shoes are made for Walking’ art lesson

With the travel theme in their heads the sixth class decided to put their creative fingers to work with clay to make different types of shoes. Having moulded and shaped their shoes they then painted them. I think you’ll enjoy the results. There might be a Louis Vuitton in our midst. Watch this space!!!