Our Journey for the Travel Flag

In 2019 we started to take a look at working towards the Green School’s flag for travel. As we continued to work on areas of waste management, water and energy conservation we decided it was time to get our thinking caps on and try to address alternate ways of travelling to school.

We took a survey at this time to see the modes of transport being used. On the day of the survey, 97% of the children in the school came by car. 2% cycled and 1% walked. Traffic congestion on school sites is always an issue so we set our focus on looking to see if a walking bus might alleviate some of this congestion.

Walking Bus

Róisín Garvey, who was then our Green Schools Co-ordinator, met with parents to talk through the possibilities. As a result of this meeting, it was decided that a walking bus would be set up. It was organised by Saoirse Byrne and a parents group who worked on a rotational basis.

The walking bus was a fabulous success. For seven weeks every Friday, the walkers took to the road, no matter the weather. The numbers of walkers on these days were 55, 74, 62, 82, 39, 24, 40. The walkers also inspired a few more cyclists to take to the road.

Beeswax Wraps

At the beginning of the 2019 school year, the mini scientists were putting on their thinking caps. One group decided to focus their attention on the issue of tinfoil and single-use plastics as wrappings for lunches. They wondered if they could provide an alternative. From this thought came the idea of beeswax wraps.

After some research, they discovered that they could make wraps and sell them to the children in the school. Any profit made would be put back into the school garden to buy pollinating plants for the bees. They set to work and their project was a huge success. So much so, that they succeeded in eliminating tinfoil and single-use plastic from the school. Not only that, but they also made their way to the final of the Intel Mini scientist competition, receiving the runner up prize.

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