Active School

Every Friday we set up and teach Juniors, Seniors and 1st class, builders and bulldozers, life saver tag, ring toss, relay races and lots more. It’s a lot of fun to play with them and to teach them new games. The younger classes are really enjoying this and we can see them getting better from week to week. We hope the weather continues to be good so we can do this every Friday

By Cathal Ryan, Tara Whelan and Ava Harte

active school flag

Active School Flag Award

In September 2015, we proudly raised our Active School Flag, which was awarded to our school in recognition of the physical activity that takes place in our school.  A big thank you to the parents, pupils and staff who all worked together to achieve this success.  A special thank you to our Active School’s commitee who showed great commitment and dedication to their responsibilities throughout the school year.  Let’s work together again to make this another active, happy and healthy school year!

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