Junior to 2nd Class Green Activities

Junior Infants – Road Safety lesson

Know your Safe Cross Code! The Junior infants have been busy learning the rules of the road. They studied the road signs near the school, the vehicles they spotted, cars, a tractor and even a bus! They looked at the solar-powered warning sign close to the school. They looked at the recycling and wet waste bins and chatted about where the waste goes. There is so much to learn on our doorstep!

Junior Infants – Planting in the Garden

The junior infants are proving to have green fingers already! They planted sunflower seeds and watched them grow. They have taken them home now to care for them. Some have already been planted in the garden to bring a splash of yellow during the summer. They also planted strawberries, tomatoes, broad beans, watermelon and cucumber. We have a little cottage garden in the making!

Senior infants – Waste and Water lessons

The senior infants have been learning about waste and recycling too. They engaged in a rubbish sorting activity and had to decide which bin the items would go into. They also learned about the different ways you can save water, and they made a lovely writing display.

First Class – Forest School Adventures

This year the first classes have been taking part in a Creative Cluster. This involves working together with two other Ennis based schools, the C.B.S and St. Annes. Unfortunately, due to Covid the essence of the project which is building friendships and relationships with other schools has not been able to take place. Despite the setbacks, we have been very lucky to take part in a Forest School Experience as part of our biodiversity project. The children spend an hour and a half each week working in the forest in Lees Road, learning about the biodiversity of the woodlands and learning new skills in this beautiful woodland setting. The school is facilitated by Veronica McGuire and Gráinne Vaughan who set up the Happy Out Forest School in 2017. Each week they introduce the children to different forest activities where they learn to develop new skills beneath the canopy of the trees.

Second Class – Bug Hotels

We’re all in need of a staycation these days!! Even the bugs are feeling the pressure of lockdowns. Second class decided to create a getaway location in the school garden for the minibeasts. They add a lovely splash of colour and a cosy retreat for these important guests. They learned about how important it is to ensure our minibeasts are minded and protected as part of life’s big connected web which we need to look after and nurture.

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