Board of Management

The Board of Management aims to represent the best interests of the parents, teachers, pupils and wider community connected with our school. We value your views in this regard. Should you wish to raise an issue for discussion by us please feel free to talk to any board member. The Board is also very strongly represented on the Parents Group of the school. Activities of the Board are reported at each parents meeting and parent issues are a regular agenda item at Board meetings.  A new Board of Management was formed in 2011. 

Board of Management 2015-2023

The board comprises the following members:

Chairperson: Betty Murphy

Patron’s Nominee: Colette Bohannan (Treasurer)

Principal: Jim Curran (Secretary)

Teachers Nominees: Joyce Purcell

Parents Nominees: Enda O’Gara and Rachel McManus

Community Nominees: James Kennedy (Health and Safety Officer) and Catherine Purcell


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