Lego Spike and Coding Buddies

Colm’s 4th class went to Amy’s room in pairs at about half-nine. Sarah’s 1st class also came in. Colm sorted us out into parts of the room with our first-class coding buddies. Half of us stayed in Amy’s room to do Lego coding and half of us went to Colm’s room to do Scratch coding. We got an IPad and a Lego Spike Kit and got to work on our Lego projects. Our first project was the “Animal alarm”. We coded our alarm to go off when the sensor saw an animal. Then we taught the first class how to build the Lego and built the “Animal alarm”. After that, we tidied up our first project we moved to the next project. We built a row boat and coded it to move along water.

You have heard about the Lego Spike so we will tell you about coding (Scratch). It was two first classes with one-fourth class. The topic was the farm. Some of us added Irish words. We taught them how to move the animals around and showed them how to get the animals to talk and also change the background and some of the characters.

We had so much fun with 1st class and we can’t wait to do it again next Friday!

By Eve, Roisín, Ellie, David & Abi