Intel Mini Scientist Regional Final


On Nov 30th we went to the regional final in Intel Shannon. The winning project from each school in the Shannon catchment area was there. We went in and set up our display. They asked all the teachers to leave and go into the staffroom. Then the judges came to look at all the projects. Two sets of judges and different Intel workers came to question us on our project. After the judges had done all that they left to make their decision. While they were doing this a man called Phil did a science quiz with us. He also showed us how to make a tornado in a bottle. Then the judges came back and announced the 5 winners and we were delighted to hear Knockanean called out! We will now go on to the Grand Final in Maynooth University in February.

By Jack O Driscoll and Mark Reynolds

Science show


On Nov 16th Simon Hill, a science and maths teacher came in to do some experiments with 2nd and 3rd classes as part of Science Week. We all gathered in Michelle’s room. He showed us stuff about Physics, Biology, and Chemistry. He showed us how energy worked and he used a plasma ball to show us how energy can get transferred. We went outside and he showed us elephant toothpaste. He used yeast, washing up liquid, hot water, and hydrogen peroxide to create foam. He showed us how the human body works. Using a dummy he showed us where all the different body parts are located and he took them apart. Using a gravity table and marbles he showed us how the Solar System works. He had a large ball in the middle and he showed us how the planets go around the sun. There was no magnet inside the marbles yet gravity pulled them together. We had a really exciting and interesting demonstration.

By Archie Hill, Maya Dowling, Megan Downes and Jack Lehane

Cross Country Running Final


On Nov 15th we went to Lees Road for the finals of the cross-country running. Before the races started we did some warm-ups on the astroturf. The first races were the under 8’s then u10’s and finally over 10’s. We had great success on the day, winning 7 individual medals. The u8 girl’s team came first, the u10 girl’s team came third and the over 10 boys’ team came first. In the overall school competition . Knockanean finished second! Thanks to all that helped out by providing a tent and hot chocolate. The chocolate really warmed us up on a cold day!

By Jonah Quinn, Isabelle Kelleher and Cillian Sullivan