Music Session


On the 17th of May, Joan Mc Namara and Christy Mc Namara came into school to play some traditional tunes. The whole school assembled in the back yard and they set up on a stage in the shelter. Thankfully the weather was dry. For the first tune, Chloe Mc Mahon performed some Irish dancing. Soon afterwards the Music Club and the Choir performed some of the music and songs they have been practising with Amy and Louise. Then the 6th class came up to sing “How long will I love you”, which they sang at their confirmation, just a few days before. Then 2nd class sang “Two Oruguitas” which they sang for their communion. Finally, the whole school sang “Wake me up when it’s all over”. We had a most enjoyable morning

By Siara Moore and Max Garvey

Purple Ribbon Day


On purple ribbon day, we raised awareness for people with cystic fibrosis. All the children wore purple. We decorated purple ribbons and roses for the windows. We made roses out of tissue paper. On the day, the whole school stood in the shape of a heart, holding their tissue paper roses. Then the whole school paused for a mindful silence. After that, first and second class and the choir sang the 65 roses song composed by Amy. We took lots of photos and had a disco at lunchtime.

By Laura Warner and Síofra Quinn

World Book Day 2022

On Friday the 4th of March we celebrated World Book Day. Everyone dressed up as characters from books or movies there were lots of different costumes such as the Peppa pig family, Dinosaurs, Captain Underpants, Footballers and lots more. Mr Curran dressed up as the Scarecrow from the Wizard of Oz. Bianca made marshmallow hats for the 6th class. We watched movies and had lots of fun. It was a great day and everyone enjoyed it.

Eve Crowe, Méadhbh Mockler and Ciara Brooks