Indoor Plants and Window Boxes

We bought 18 window boxes and we filled them with soil. During one of our lunch breaks the Green Schools Committee and individual pods from the 2nd class worked on them. We layered the boxes with spring bulbs, soil, spring bulbs and on top we planted winter flowers. Members of the green school committee from 6th water them three times per week.

As a result of a project done by three 5th class girls for the Intel Mini Scientist in 2019 on plants that purify the air, we decided to buy some indoor plants for both buildings. The pupils think they are beautiful, it’s nice to see greenery inside and it cheers them up!

By Cillian Brennan, Holly Bradley Mc Gorrian, Ailbhe Curran, Ava Hurley and Sophie Talty

Fyffes Challenge

Fyffes are on the hunt to find Ireland’s Fittest School. As part of this challenge, we‘re trying to keep our school active and healthy by doing ‘wake up, shake up’ 3 mornings per week before class starts. Shona leads it on the front yard and Anne and Colm lead it on the back yard. We jog on the spot, stretches, duck walk, jumping jacks, squats, mountain climbs are some of the activities we do on these mornings. Pupils are finding it’s a good way to get going in the morning instead of going straight to class. They find that they are more alert and ready to start the day!

George Leahy, Lilith Kearney, Meadhbh Mockler and Fionn Skerritt

1st and 2nd classes morning walk in Lees Road

On Wed 17th of November 1st class and both 2nd classes went to Lees Road. We got dropped off there by our parents and we got a bus back to school. When we got there we played in the park for a while. Afterwards, we went for a walk in the woods. Before we went walking the teachers told us to find something brown, something red, something yellow, something rough and something smooth. We found stuff like moss, leaves, a branch, a hazelnut, ferns, mushrooms and sticks. After the walk in the wood’s we had lunch and got the bus back to school. We had a really great day.

By Oisin O’ Malley and Katelyn Cullinan