6th class trip to Lahinch

On 30th May 6th class went to Lahinch to Ben’s Surf School. First, we got changed into wetsuits, got our boards and went down to the beach. It was low tide so we had lots of beach. Before we went into the water we learned the basics of surfing on the beach. We learned where to place our feet and our arms and then went into the water and practised all that. When we came out we learned how to stand up on the board. We then went back out again and tried to stand up while on the board on the water. Most of us found it really difficult. When we finished we brought the boards back up and had our lunch. We then had some free time to go around the shops. After that, we relaxed for a while on the rocks and then left for home. We had an unreal day!

By Micheal Kelly and Darragh Kelly

5th class trip to Derg Isle Adventure Centre

On May 31st we went to Derg Isle Adventure centre. When we get there we got changed. Firstly we went to the obstacle course area. We had to go through tyres, over wooden poles, climb over nets, and jump over and under barriers. After the obstacle course, we did team games, where we had to work in teams of about 8 to solve puzzles and complete tasks. We then put on lifejackets and went kayaking. When we were kayaking the man on the speedboat started to make waves which meant it was more difficult for us and more fun for us. We were able to get out of the kayaks and float on the water. In between the obstacle course and the kayaking we had our lunch. Some people also chose to do stand-up paddling. We had a really good day!

By Ava O Halloran and Alex Fennell

Forest School

Over the past 5 weeks, both 4th classes visited the Forest School in Lees Road. It was run by Veronica and Grainne. They gave us nature names such Swallow, Jackdaw, Hare, Kestrel etc. We did lots of crafts like good luck charms, and coins, which we put our nature names on and we also made clackers. We played loads of games like Hide and Seek, Capture the Flag and Tip the Tree. On the last day, we got porridge oats and spread around in three different places where we had fun thanking the animals. Every day before we went into the woods, Veronica and Grainne had to ask a beech tree if they had permission to enter the woods. Every day when we were leaving we sang a song. There was also a “Talking Stick”. Every day we’d sit in a circle and pass the talking stick around and say our name and nature name. We have all the facts about our Nature name on a laminated sheet.

By Isabelle Mangan and Ella Johnston