Science Blast

On Thursday 23rd of May, all of 5th class went to Mary Immaculate Collage to present our project ‘How to win an All- Ireland Hurling final’ for the ESB Science Blast.

Over the past few months, our class have been preparing for this project. We gathered and analysed data as we watched the last four All – Ireland finals. We displayed it all on a poster divided into six sections, Data, Our Class Predictions, Prediction Results, Other Findings and Helmet Findings. We also had quiz, a solo challenge and a reaction game on  Microbits.

When we arrived at Mary Immaculate College, we were given a stand where we displayed all of our posters. We split into groups and went to see different shows including Marty Jopsin’s Dangerous Equations and Gastronauts where they made teachers eat gross things. We got to see lots of other great projects by other schools such as ‘Rollercoasters and why we don’t fall off them’ and ‘Why do things fall down and not up’. Our stand was very popular and the judges seemed to like our projects. At the end of the day we got a plague to show that we took part in the ESB Science Blast. We really enjoyed ourselves and had a great time.

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