JEP 2018

The 6th class Funtastic Fun Day!!!

19th of April 2018

On the 19th of April 2018, 6th class held a fun day for our Junior Entrepreneur. Everyone had great ideas for the Junior Entrepreneur and in the end, the fun day won. It was a great idea and the good thing was that everyone else who participated got to sell their ideas at the fun day which sold out very fast the bake sale, and milkshakes were very popular so were the rockin’ rocks the jazzy jars, the bouncy castle, the penalty shoot-out and all the other game’s. We made a lot of money! The milkshakes were especially nice because it was a very hot day. The whole school enjoyed playing the games and getting their face painted! Us sixth class really enjoyed helping out and selling the different things we made. It was nice that the sixth got to plan the fun day! All in all we think that everyone had a really great time! It was a bit stressful but it was worth it in the end!

By: Ailbhe Wright & Olivia Cosgrove

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On Thursday the 8th of March, 6th class displayed their ideas separately to John Corbett and Mr.
Curran to see which project would be used for the Junior Entrepreneur competition. . The winning
group ended up to be the “ Fun Day”. In this way every group gets to sell their ideas. Some of
the ideas were as follows: “Brownies in a Jar”, “ Printed T-Shirts”, “ Pebble Art”, “ Painted Candle
Jars”, “Website design” On the family Fun Day there will be a lot of extra activities on which people
can spend their money!! We really enjoyed doing it and are looking forward to the Family Fun
Day and counting our money!!