Poetry Competition

Third class entered this competition. Everybody had to write two poems. We had to type out the poems and send it to Amy. Every poem had to be at least 16 lines up to a maximum of 20 lines.

The finals took place at the Education Centre on Kilrush Road, Ennis on Thursday 26th April – Poetry Day Ireland. From several hundred entries received by the Poetry Collective, the Judges have shortlisted 20 poems from throughout Clare. The following children got through to the final from Knockanean:

  • Amy Reynolds, 3rd Class, Knockanean NS ‘Frost”
  • Aoife Sullivan, 3rd Class, Knockanean NS ‘My Crazy Hair’
  • Xavier Tomaszewski, 3rd Class Knockanean NS ‘Christmas Colours’
  • Kate McDonough, 3rd Class Knockanean NS ‘Magic Box’

In the final we had to say our poem in from of the whole audience. We had to say our poems in alphabetical order. Then the judges left for 10 min to decide who were the winners. When they came back, they announced the winners and Knockanean won the best over all school!! Amy Reynolds won a prize for the best recited poem!! By Kate Mc Donough and Aoife Sullivan