School Tours 2018

Junior Infant Tour: We went to the Fairy Farm in Kinvara Co Galway. The first thing we saw was goats and we fed them. After we did that we held a guinea pig. We then looked at fairy doors that were in a magical forest. We then went to the sandpit where we played with shovels and buckets. There was also a zip wire there that was so much fun. There was monkey bars and a climbing frame there as well.  There were benches close to the sandpit where we had lunch. After lunch we played some more and then we went home. We were tired on the way home but we had a great day! By Eve Davourn, Lily Mc Mahon and James Cosgrove

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Senior Infant Tour: We went to Moher Hill Farm. We met a farmer called Martin and then we went outside and Martin gave us some food to feed the animals. The first animal we went to see was the goats and then we went along and met llamas. We then saw horses, rabbits and we held them and we held an Ostrich egg and it was huge. Then saw we some ostriches and we saw some peacocks and then it started to rain and we went inside. We went on the bouncy castle and the ball pit and then we had some lunch. Martin brought us into a building and showed us all the farming stuff. We got some sweets after the bus trip home!!

By Jack Williams, Fionnan O’Connor and Isabelle Mangan.

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1st Class tour:

We went to Galway Aquarium for our school tour. First we got split into groups. One did science experiments and the other group had a look around the aquarium. We held crabs and starfish which felt funny. We saw lots of different coloured fish and also lots of shells. We saw a skeleton of a huge blue whale. In the tanks with the fish there was little waves which made a bang. Outside we had a picnic. We did volcano experiments and made little rockets which was great fun. We also went to Coole Park for a walk and the teachers even bought us ice-cream! It was a great day out!

By Eilbhe O’Gara, Valerie Reeves and Ava Dowling


2nd Class tour:

We went into school and waited for the bus. We went to the Shannon leisure centre.

When we got there we were split into two groups. After that we played ship shore, one group went outside to play and the other went to the bouncy castle. We ate our lunch in a big hall. Next, we went on the climbing wall, while the other group was outside. The climbing wall was very tall and fun. After both groups had finished the climbing wall, we got on the bus again to go Newmarket playground. There we ate the rest of our lunch and had an ice-cream. After we ate we went off to play. We had lots of fun, and then we went back on the bus to go back to school.

By Laura Warner and Ailbhe Curran

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3rd Class Tour:

We climbed Mullaghmore and we went to the Burren and the Planet after. We met our guide and he showed us the different stones and flowers. We took breaks along the way and we had a picnic at the top of the mountain. After our walk in the Burren we went back to the Planet where we played Quasar and bowling. We played in the soft area for while. We enjoyed the day! The bus was delayed so we were a little later than planned.

By Aoibheann Moore and Dylan Lehane

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Fourth class tour to Galway: It was a fun day out. First we went to Pure Skills .And we all had  a great time playing lots of kind of sports. We played tennis,basketball,hurling,soccer,gaelicfootball,golfchipping,golfputting,baseball and cricket.I hope to do it again ,and I would give it a 10 out of 10. Our friends marked in our score cards while we were in the cage .I loved all of the sports .After we played all of the sports we went up to the cafe and got pizza.And after all the pizza and the sports we all went to the Galway museum . The first floor was was all about the art from about 1000 years ago.And the second floor was about 1916. The last floor was all about the sea .

By Leon Talty and Ella Farrell

5th class Tour to UL:

The 18th of June fifth class went on their school tour to UL Activity Centre in  Killaloe. When we arrived we were brought into the lecture room and were shown around. Then they took us out to get our wetsuits,life jackets and helmets . When we got them all of  us were split into groups. Firstly we went kayaking with Dan for about half an hour. Then we went paddle boarding with Chris and we got to jump off the board . After that we went canoeing with Ros .Finally our last water activity was jumping off the pier and that was a lot of fun. Then they took us back to the lecture room where we ate our lunch for 20 minutes. Then they split us up into three groups. The first land activity was archery and we had a lot of fun with some great competitions. Next we did an obstacle course in the woods. It was quite hard but we got through it. The final activity of the day was high ropes. It was very slippy and very hard to get to the top. We had a great day with some very exciting activities. On the way home everyone was wrecked tired!!!!! By Lauren Quinn and Fiadh O’ Shea

Sixth Class – InisOirr:

On the 13th of June,  6th class set off on our school tour to InisOirr. We met at the Doolin Pier. On the way over the sea was quite rough, but everybody loved the boat ride. When we arrived we went straight to the hostel, where we were staying for two nights. We settled in for a while, and then we made our way to the céilí. We listened to the Gael Coláiste sing us a few songs, then headed off for a walk. After we came back from the walk we had hot chocolate in the hostel.

The next day we went our separate ways and explored the island. When the sun came out, we even went swimming! We roamed around the shops and cafés and had great fun. Then we all met up and walked to the shipwreck and lit a bonfire. We all sat around the bonfire and toasted marshmallows, after that we headed back to the hostel and got ready for bed. On day three, we went on the Wanderly Wagon, ate a lovely lunch in TighRuarí’s hotel and said our goodbyes to InisOirr. The boat ride back was a lot calmer than on the way out!! By CaoimheLahiffe, Caitriona Warner, Astrid Penston and Caitlin Hogan

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