Blue Flag and Coastal Awards:

For the intel mini scientist we did a project on blue flag beaches, we were in contact with the head of the blue flag in Dublin, Ian Diamond and the head of blue flag internationally, Sophie BachetGranados,who were both very kind and helpful.On 14th of May  we received an email from Ian who invited us to the Blue Flag and Green Coastal Awards on in the Atlantic Suite in the Armada Hotel.

When we arrived we were kindly greeted by Claire McGrath who introduced us to Ian, Sophie and Aine who set our visit up. We took plenty of photos with them, afterwards we were given orange juice and cookies ( which were lovely :). There were a lot of speeches which were very interesting. Then the 88 awards were given out, 9 of which were given to Clare 🙂

As we sat down for lunch we were called out to watch the flag being raised, then the photographer from the newspaper took lots of photos of us running on the beach. Soon after all the photos were taken Virgin 1 wanted to get a clip of us running with a blue flag. We watched them interviewing Ian and Sophie. We really enjoyed the day and are so grateful for such a wonderful day. And a big thanks to Ian, Sophie and Aine!  By Grace, Lily, Grace and Ella.

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