How to Build an Iron Man Suit

On Monday Nov 11th 5th class went to UL in Limerick for a talk  on “ How to Build an Ironman Suit” We went into a lecture room for the talk by Barry Fitzgerald  along with two other schools. Barry is a superhero scientist which means he studies superhero  movies and things in the movies. He talked about different suits and he had one that helped with back stress and allowed you to squat in the same position for 8 hours. He also spoke about goats that could produce spider milk. During the talk, he showed us clips from the Ironman movies. He also had an Ironman hand that Amy and Kai got to try on. Darragh got   some books  off him for getting some questions correct. After the talk we found a place to have our lunch and we all sang Happy Birthday to Meave as it was her birthday. We then got the bus back to the school and we all had a great day! By Amy Reynolds.

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