Inter Schools Show Jumping: On Fri Oct 11th we took part in the primary schools show jumping. Our team of four was jumping and we came 6th out of 17 teams. On our team we had Isabelle Mangan, Maeve Barry, Sarah O Dwyer and Andrea Barry. We all had double clears and got into the speed round. Andrea Barry represented our school in the speed round. She did very well and pulled us into 6th. We all did well as there were a lot of great riders. We all won a trophy and a purple rosette. We were all very happy with how we did as we felt we did our best. We also had Michel Barry but he went with Toonagh NS as we had too many. Others to compete on the day were Croíadh Barry, Amy Mangan ,Saoirse Barry and Abi O Donnell.  By Maeve Barry and Sarah O Dwyer