Intel Mini Scientist 2019/2020

Intel Grand Final: On Wednesday the 29th of January we competed in the Intel Mini Scientist Grand Final in Maynooth. In total there were 24 projects on display with approximately 64 pupils from schools all around Ireland. In total 7200 pupils participated in this competition so we were really fortunate to reach the final. When we got there we set up our project. The first round of judging started at approx 11.00 and different judges came around a second time to every group. We then had lunch at 1.00 in a huge big canteen in a really old building that looked like something out of Harry Potter! In the middle of lunch we had our photo taken again and this photo appeared in the Irish Independent, Irish Times, Clare Herald and the Clare Champion!!!!!!

After lunch the award ceremony started. Every group received a participation certificate and a rosette. There were several awards for different categories and then they announced the 5 runners up.We were really excited when we heard our name being called out!! We got a glass plaque for the school and all of the group received an  individual certificate. At the end of the day we went to the Glenroyal Hotel for a celebratory meal.On the way back we felt so proud of ourselves ! By Ailbhe Curran, Aoife Reynolds, Siofra Quinn and Andrea Barry.

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Intel Regional Final:

On Fri 13th Dec we went to the Oakwood Hotel in Shannon for the regional final of the Intel mini scientist competition. There were approx 30 groups there. When we got there we set up our project and we started rehearsing what we were going to say. The judges came around and they asked us questions about our project, what it was about and why we did it. Then they gave us a goody bag which was really nice!! The photographer then took us out to take our photograph which appeared later that day in the “Images of the Day” on the Irish Times! We featured alongside Tiger Woods and Boris Johnson!! The judges came around twice more before they announced the 6 winners that would go onto the National Final in Maynooth at the end of January. The standard of the other projects was so high we didn’t think we’d get through but when the judges announced we had won, we were thrilled and shaking with excitement!

By Ailbhe Curran  Aoife Reynolds, Andrea Barry and Siofra Quinn

On Thursday the 24th of October, 4th, 5th and 6th took part in the Intel Mini Scientist. Two months ago we were told about the competition. We got to work on our project, making everything that we needed until the day when the judges arrived. It was hard work but as the day crept closer we grew more confident. When the judges came to our project we had to explain all about it. We thought it went well.

On the day the judges went to see all the projects in 4th, 5th and 6th. The standard was very high! Then the judges came back again to some projects before they made their final decision. In 2nd place was “Carbon Footprint” by Sophie Leahy, Ella Farrell, Aoibh Blake and Grace Herbert.

In first place was “Bee Ware” by Ailbhe Curran, Aoife Reynolds, Andrea Barry and Siofra Quinn. This group will now go on to the regional final in Intel Shannon in December.

By Siofra Quinn, Aoife Reynolds and Ailbhe Curran

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