Bodhrán and Uilleann Pipes Workshop

Michael Vignoles came to Knockanean School on the 11th of November. Firstly he explained the parts of the Uilleann pipes. Then he played us a few tunes. Everyone really enjoyed the tunes. After a while, he put away his Uilleann pipes and started his Bodhrán workshop for all the classes. Then he made a Bodhrán from scratch in front of us. First, he made the frame of the Bodhrán.  After that he applied the goat skin on top of the frame. You can also use calf skin instead of goat skin. Then he wrapped the twine around the goat skin to keep it firm. Then the Bodhrán is basically made. Then you need to make it look creative. After it was done everyone was given their own Bodhrán to play. We all enjoyed our lesson. Thank you Michael Vignoles.

By Una Ni Choileáin and Sarah Jane Doyle

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