The following are the dates for the swimming sessions for the 2016-2017 school year:

Swimming Wednesday 2pm-3pm for First Term;Thursday from 3-4pm for second and third terms

Dates                                                                                   Class Group

September 7th 2016-October 12, 2016                           Sixth Class

October 19th 2016- November 30th 2016                       Fifth Class

December 7th   2015- December 21st 2016                     Fourth Class

Swimming Thursdays 3pm-4pm for Second and Third Terms

January 12th 2017-January 26th 2017                             Fourth Class

February 2nd 2017 – March 16th 2017                              Third Class

March 23rd 2017 – May 11th 2017                                      Second Class

May 18th 2017 – June 29th 2017                                         First Class

The cost of swimming depends on the number in the class attending. Also this year, we are organising a bus to take the children from school to the pool. There will be a charge for this included in the cost of the swimming. Please note parents must collect the children from the pool.

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