Intel Mini Scientist

4th /5th and 6th classes took part in this project. We could work individually or in groups of up to 4 people. We had to come up with a science project of our choice and investigate that topic. On Wed 26th Oct we displayed and explained our projects to all the other classes in the school. They really enjoyed viewing our projects. On Thurs 27th Oct judges from Intel in Shannon came in to judge our projects. They looked at all the projects in great detail and the overall winners were Jack O’ Driscoll and Mark Reynolds from 4th class with their project called “ How to generate electricity for our new school using playground equipment and food waste”. They will now go on to represent the school at the regional final in Intel Shannon on Nov 30th

By Tara Whelan, Alex Fennell and Eoin O’Connor

Forest School

Over the past 5 weeks, both 4th classes visited the Forest School in Lees Road. It was run by Veronica and Grainne. They gave us nature names such Swallow, Jackdaw, Hare, Kestrel etc. We did lots of crafts like good luck charms, and coins, which we put our nature names on and we also made clackers. We played loads of games like Hide and Seek, Capture the Flag and Tip the Tree. On the last day, we got porridge oats and spread around in three different places where we had fun thanking the animals. Every day before we went into the woods, Veronica and Grainne had to ask a beech tree if they had permission to enter the woods. Every day when we were leaving we sang a song. There was also a “Talking Stick”. Every day we’d sit in a circle and pass the talking stick around and say our name and nature name. We have all the facts about our Nature name on a laminated sheet.

By Isabelle Mangan and Ella Johnston

Indoor Plants and Window Boxes

We bought 18 window boxes and we filled them with soil. During one of our lunch breaks the Green Schools Committee and individual pods from the 2nd class worked on them. We layered the boxes with spring bulbs, soil, spring bulbs and on top we planted winter flowers. Members of the green school committee from 6th water them three times per week.

As a result of a project done by three 5th class girls for the Intel Mini Scientist in 2019 on plants that purify the air, we decided to buy some indoor plants for both buildings. The pupils think they are beautiful, it’s nice to see greenery inside and it cheers them up!

By Cillian Brennan, Holly Bradley Mc Gorrian, Ailbhe Curran, Ava Hurley and Sophie Talty