Christmas ‘Kindness’ Cards.

This year we wrote Christmas cards to the elderly in Clarecastle Daycare Centre, Cahercalla Day Care Centre, Cuan an Chlair , the Alzimers Society and St Josephs Hospital. We wrote these letters to lighten up their Christmas and moods. We put a lot of thought, time and effort in to these cards. The pupils in 6th class wrote letters to folks in Clarecastle day care centre. Everyone was assigned a person in the day care centre to write to. Some people added things like scratch cards, crosswords, paintings, books, artwork etc . Everyone wrote a card and a letter which was approximately a page long. These cards are now delivered to the various daycare centres in Ennis. They will be quarantined for a number of days before they are delivered to the old folks. We really hope these cards will make their Christmas a little bit better, because this year has been very difficult for everybody especially our elderly.

By Sean O Callaghan, Oscar O’ Gara, Kate McDonough and Kate McMahon