Green Flag Ceremony

On March 16th we were presented with our Green Flag for travel by Róisín Garvey. For the Green Flag we started two walking buses every Tuesday and Friday. Over a hundred people walked to school one day. When Róisín Garvey raised the Green flag the whole school came to the front and watched as she raised it.

Róisín Garvey took a few pictures with the green school’s committee and we had a good time with the other classes. The whole school and parents were praised for their efforts. All classes made a huge improvement with keeping the yard litter free and by picking up the rubbish several times a week.

By Fionn O Donoghue and Harry O Connor

World Book Day 2022

On Friday the 4th of March we celebrated World Book Day. Everyone dressed up as characters from books or movies there were lots of different costumes such as the Peppa pig family, Dinosaurs, Captain Underpants, Footballers and lots more. Mr Curran dressed up as the Scarecrow from the Wizard of Oz. Bianca made marshmallow hats for the 6th class. We watched movies and had lots of fun. It was a great day and everyone enjoyed it.

Eve Crowe, Méadhbh Mockler and Ciara Brooks

Active School Slogan

As part of our Active Schools initiative, we needed to find a new slogan for Knockanean. With almost 100 entries from the 2nd- 6th class, we saw a huge variety of fantastic images and slogans to represent Knockanean. It was amazing to see the huge interest and the time and effort put into every entry was unbelievable. In the end, there were five prize winners however, the winning slogan by Connla O’Halloran (6th) was:

’Don’t be boring, don’t be lazy, get outside and run like crazy’’

The winning imagery to match the slogan was created by Ailbhe Curran (6th) and Andrea Barry (6th). Connla, Ailbhe and Andrea combined their entries to make the finished slogan which we think represents Knockanean beautifully. Our other prize winners, Abi O’ Donnell (3rd) and Róisín McInerney (3rd) both had lovely messages to share in their slogans – Abi ‘’Put down your phone, put down your devices, pick up a ball and start your exercises’’. Róisín ‘’Believe in sport, believe in you and join the active crew’’