Forest School

Over the past 5 weeks, both 4th classes visited the Forest School in Lees Road. It was run by Veronica and Grainne. They gave us nature names such Swallow, Jackdaw, Hare, Kestrel etc. We did lots of crafts like good luck charms, and coins, which we put our nature names on and we also made clackers. We played loads of games like Hide and Seek, Capture the Flag and Tip the Tree. On the last day, we got porridge oats and spread around in three different places where we had fun thanking the animals. Every day before we went into the woods, Veronica and Grainne had to ask a beech tree if they had permission to enter the woods. Every day when we were leaving we sang a song. There was also a “Talking Stick”. Every day we’d sit in a circle and pass the talking stick around and say our name and nature name. We have all the facts about our Nature name on a laminated sheet.

By Isabelle Mangan and Ella Johnston

Travel Award

On May 19th we went to Dublin Zoo with Amy and Mr Curran to collect an award we won in the Big Travel Challenge. We won the award for “Park ‘n’ Stride school of the year. When we got there we had croissants, pastries, fruit and drinks. We also received a bag each with souvenirs. At the awards ceremony each of the 8 schools present, received their award in the various different categories. After the ceremony, each school had their photo taken individually and then there was a group photo. During the ceremony, there was a sideshow of the efforts each school went to. After lunch, we were free to walk around the zoo and look at the various animals and attractions. We had an amazing day in Dublin!

By Ava Hurley Sophie Talty and Ailbhe Curran

Cycling Training

Last Thursday and Friday the 6th class pupils had cycling training. This was coached by Leeroy and Richard. They taught us how to behave when cycling on the road. This training involved how to act at a junction, how to do an emergency stop, how to signal and what side of the road you should be cycling on. The training took place for nearly the whole two days so we didn’t have to do any work!!

One of the reasons why we took this cycling training was to help us when cycling on the road or on our way to school especially when we have narrow roads and busy traffic so we have to be careful. Another reason this training is useful is in preparation for our cycle to Tulla later this year. We really enjoyed this cycling training and are looking forward to the trip to Tulla

By Andrea Barry and Luisa Hogan