1st and 2nd classes morning walk in Lees Road

On Wed 17th of November 1st class and both 2nd classes went to Lees Road. We got dropped off there by our parents and we got a bus back to school. When we got there we played in the park for a while. Afterwards, we went for a walk in the woods. Before we went walking the teachers told us to find something brown, something red, something yellow, something rough and something smooth. We found stuff like moss, leaves, a branch, a hazelnut, ferns, mushrooms and sticks. After the walk in the wood’s we had lunch and got the bus back to school. We had a really great day.

By Oisin O’ Malley and Katelyn Cullinan

School Committees 2021-2022

School Council 2021-2022

School Council 2021-2022

2nd Class:  Ellie O’Brien and  Feidhlim Sullivan (Aileen & Tina class), Niamh O’Reilly and Luke Callinan (Michelle’s Class)  

3rd Class: Annie O’Halloran and Jack O’Driscoll

4th Class: Declan Keane and Freya Skerritt (Colm’s Class), Jessica Hassett and Daire Cullinan (Saoirse & Anne’s Class)

5th Class: Jonah Quinn and Isabelle Kelleher

6th Class: Cara Farrel and Connla O’Halloran

Green Schools Committee 2021-2022

Green Schools Committee 2021-2022

2nd Class:  Cillian Brennan and Holly Bradley 

3rd Class: Lily McMahon and Johan Harte

4th Class: Isabelle Mangan and Thomas O’Connell (Colm’s Class), Kiela Ahearne and Max Garvey (Saoirse & Anne’s Class)

5th Class: Chloe McMahon and Ava O’Halloran

6th Class: Sophie Talty, Ailbhe Curran and Ava Hurley

Active Schools Committee 2021-2022

Active Schools Committee 2021-2022

3rd Class: James Cosgrove, Zoey Speake, Amy Mangan

4th Class: Michael Barry and Ella Johnston (Colm’s Class), Orrin Woods and Aurora Haziri (Saoirse & Anne’s Class)

5th Class: Cathal Ryan, Ava Harte and Tara Whelan

6th Class: Lilith Kearney, Meabh Mockler, George Leahy and Fionn Skerritt