Forest School

Over the past 5 weeks, both 4th classes visited the Forest School in Lees Road. It was run by Veronica and Grainne. They gave us nature names such Swallow, Jackdaw, Hare, Kestrel etc. We did lots of crafts like good luck charms, and coins, which we put our nature names on and we also made clackers. We played loads of games like Hide and Seek, Capture the Flag and Tip the Tree. On the last day, we got porridge oats and spread around in three different places where we had fun thanking the animals. Every day before we went into the woods, Veronica and Grainne had to ask a beech tree if they had permission to enter the woods. Every day when we were leaving we sang a song. There was also a “Talking Stick”. Every day we’d sit in a circle and pass the talking stick around and say our name and nature name. We have all the facts about our Nature name on a laminated sheet.

By Isabelle Mangan and Ella Johnston

Gardaí visit the school

Garda Tony Carmody, Garda Mary Kelly and Garda Robert Reidy paid a visit to junior and senior infant classes. They arrived in two garda cars. They showed us the squad car and we all got a chance to get in. We got a chance to turn on the sirens which were very loud. We also got a chance to put on the flashing lights. Some of us got to sit in the jail part of the car. They showed us the pepper spray which they use if somebody is getting out of control. They spray it on their eyes and last for 20 minutes. They showed us the baton and the handcuffs. They put the handcuffs on some of us and one of the girls got to handcuff Mr Curran! They passed around the garda hat and we got to put it on. We really enjoyed the visit

By Katelyn Davern, Elsie Mc Inerney and Aoibhín O’ Brien

Marion Keane Basketball Champions

On Fri May 20th we travelled to Ennistymon to play the semi-finals and final of the Marion Keane basketball tournament. This tournament was set up in memory of Marion Keane, past pupil and former teacher in Knockanean. In the semi-final, we were drawn against Moyasta. This was an extremely tough game and after normal time we were level. This meant we had to play 3 minutes of extra time, which we won by 5 points. In the other semi-final, Bridgetown came out victorious over Toonagh. This set up a final between us and Bridgetown. Before our final Moyasta and Toonagh played off for 3rd and 4th spots which Moyasta won. The final against Bridgtown was difficult but we were victorious on a scoreline of 12-5. Afterwards, there were huge celebrations and our captain Lilith Kearney was presented with the cup by Dan Keane, Marion’s father. All the team received a trophy. We stopped in O’Keeffe’s on the way home and got ice cream. It was truly an amazing and memorable day.

By Lilith Kearney, Andrea Barry and Leanne Dixon